Automatic cartoning solutions



Carton forming machine Carton forming machine

The carton former FS400 is a machine which automatically sets up folded cartons and puts together boxes with or without cover. It consists of a carton magazine unit equipped with an automatic arm which lifts cartons from the magazine by means of suckers and of a hot glue spraying device for gluing flaps. Once the carton is formed by means of a mould it is transported along a conveyor. Format change can be easily done by just regulating the special hand-wheels. The forming unit - consisting of one single part - has been constructed in order to avoid regulating operations.


  • Mechanical and pneumatic operation
  • Painted steel construction
  • Carton magazine whit automatic arm equipped with suckers with Venturi's system
  • Box assembling through hot-melt glue application or hook closing system
  • Former's mould with electrical axis
  • Female mould adjustable through handwheels (applicable to all the formats)
  • Electric installation system controlled by a PLC
  • Safety guards complying with CE rules
  • Machine withCE marking