Automatic cartoning solutions


Chiuditrice scatole mod. CL300 a tre lembi

Carton closing machine Carton closing machine

The CL 300 is a carton closing machine which automatically folds the flaps and closes the 3-flap lid of boxes. The three flaps of each lid are closed through hot-melt gluing technique (which consists in spraying the glue on some required points through a gun). Format change is easily carried out by means of some adjustable handwheels.


  • Mechanical and pneumatic operation
  • Painted steel construction
  • Variable speed controlled by inverter
  • Electric system controlled by a PLC
  • Box conveying through intermittent movement
  • Pneumatic flap closing system
  • Lid closing device through hot-melt glue applicator
  • Safety guards complying with CE rules
  • Machine with CE marking